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General Guidelines
Do not make more than one submission per submission period. There are no format restrictions. Limit your submission to 5 poems totaling no more than 10 pages.
We do not accept e-mail submissions; all work must be submitted through Submittable. Submissions that are emailed to any of our editors will not be read. Submit your best and submit often. We’re excited about your work!
Please send all work in one file. When submitting multiple poems, please start each poem on a new page.
We work hard to give our full attention to your work and regrettably cannot read submissions that do not follow the guidelines.

Our team is filled with creatives who understand the agony of the wait. We will respond to your work within two months of submissions closing, if not sooner.
It is uncommon for us to offer edits on poems. Any edits will be in done in collaboration with the writer.  
Please include a brief 3rd person bio with your submission.
Simultaneous Submissions
Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please notify us ASAP if your work is accepted elsewhere. Those wishing to remove individual pieces but not entire submissions should let us know through a message on Submittable.

Previously Published Work
We do not accept previously published works, including those published on the Internet. Upon publication, all rights revert to the author or artist. 

Variant Literature